owner of café in downtown Fremont, fun hangout in NebraskaHi everyone! I’ve been in Fremont for a little over two years now.  It’s a lot different than the big city that I’m used to. As an Atlanta, Georgia native moving to Nebraska was a big change for me. It took a while, but now it feels like home. If I could only tell you one thing about myself it would be that I’m kind, genuinely kind, my life goal is to leave everyone I come in contact with a little better than when I arrived; whether it is a warm smile, kind word, extra bit of patience or act of service.

The Polymath Cyber Café is the result of a ten+ year dream my daughter and I share. We both have a heart to create a warm, welcoming place where people, anyone, can come in and feel accepted, welcomed and listened to. Unfortunately, that won’t pay the bills so we’ve added some fun, food and beverages to help support our dream.

I do hope you’ll come check us out and that you’ll leave feeling better than when you arrived.